Weekly Schedule

This Weeks Market Schedule 

 Sunday 23rd January


Blackwood Forest Farms Gippsland (Free-range eggs)
McDonald Track Organics
Verduci Market Garden
Muddy Creek Garden
Folly Farm Blueberries
Benny's Berries
Bellarine Hydroponics

Otway Prime
Free Range Poultry Group


Swig Coffee
Little Asia
Lekker Lekker


Daddio's - Sourdough and Pattisserie
Gorgeous George
The 3 Bees
Al Naturale
Moon Floretz
The Nature Shack
Enjoy a Sustainable Environment
Original Spirit Company
My Private Bake
Nicolas Olives Estate

Busker :

We aim to keep this list as current as possible however stallholder list is subject to change. E.g. some stallholders may cancel last-minute due to unforeseen circumstances such as a family emergency or car trouble. Please talk to us at the Information stall if you are unable to locate an advertised stallholder.