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Salami Shack is one of Australia's leading distributors of salamis and mettwursts and we
taste test many, many salamis and mettwursts to bring you the "best of the best".
We wholesale our product range to a small select number of outlets, and direct sell
through our distributor network at farmers markets, agricultural field days, home shows
and special events such as food and wine shows.

Our range includes traditional pork, beef & pork, beef, lamb &rosemary, kangaroo and
venison. None of our salamis or mettwursts are made from imported meat or meat product
– all meats are sourced from Australian farmers. Our salami and mettwurst makers are all
relatively small third and fourth generation family businesses, located in and around the
Barossa Valley in South Australia.

In the finest of European traditions, our salamis and mettwursts take time to make with
blending, fermenting, smoking and curing all being carried out with pride, and using
methods handed down from parents, grandparents and even great grandparents.
Importantly, all our salamis and mettwursts do not contain any "fillers" or "extenders", so
therefore are gluten free, and can be enjoyed by all. Savour the delicate tastes, slow down
and embrace the slow food movement from Europe, right here in Australia.


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