Market Terms and Conditions

Trading Terms and Conditons

Setting up and packing up procedures are specific to each market.  Details will be given to stallholders close to the market or event date. 


  • Our markets are all weather markets, however some of our markets may have indoor facilities available, and we will operate irrespective of weather conditions.  Inclement weather is no excuse for non- attendance.
  • As a market stallholder you have an obligation to attend the market.  This is not only paramount to the success of the market but also supports fellow stallholders who trade and rely heavily on the market as a source of income.  
  • It is a stallholder’s responsibility to ensure that their product is protected and that they have all the necessary equipment on hand to do so (i.e. gazebo sides, weights to secure gazebo etc.).   Management requires that all stallholders plan against adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, cold and heat and ensures that appropriate safety and wet weather procedures are in place.  
  • Market Management, its operator/s, servants, agents and/or assigns shall not be liable for loss or damage to stock and/or equipment however caused.  


  • Stall fees are payable by invoice 7 days prior to market date for each market.  
  • Failure to pay site fees will result in the stall being cancelled and allocated to someone else.
  • Credits and/or refunds will not be issued for bad weather on market days.
  • Should a stallholder choose not to attend a market for whatever reason the market site fee must be paid whether the stallholder is in attendance or not.  It is not the responsibility of Market Management.

If the market is cancelled by Market Management, no fees apply, any fee paid will be credited to the next market. No other fees are refunded.  This may not apply to all markets. 

Trading hours are 8.00am - 1.00pm: This is strictly enforced: 
In the best interest of the market and as a courtesy to fellow traders, early departures will not be permitted.  Marquees are to remain erected until close of market trade.  In the event of a ‘sell out’, stallholders are to display a sign indicating that their goods are ‘sold out’ and marquees are to remain standing.  Consideration will be given to special circumstances and only by prior arrangement.  In the event that an early departure has been approved by Market Management, marquees and all equipment must be ‘walked’ out.  No vehicle access during market trade hours.

Stallholders must unload vehicles then take the car out of the market precinct and park in the designated areas before setting up their stalls.  Vehicles must drive slowly - 5 kph at all times.  Lights on if dark.


Stallholders and their staff must park vehicles where directed. Follow market staff directives re vehicle parking and/or restrictions.  Do not park in areas designated for customer parking.

 All stock, goods and/or items must be packed up first.  Marquee/umbrellas to be dismantled and packed up.  Site to be cleaned and all rubbish removed.  Note: Market bins are for lightweight rubbish only, not stallholders produce, rubbish and/or boxes.  Vehicles to enter market grounds once the above have been done first.

Stallholders are responsible for the removal of all rubbish and must leave their site clean and clear of all debris.  The rule is simple:  If you bring it in, you take it home.  Do not throw boxes and food produce in the Council / Private Facility rubbish wheelie bins. 

 No solid or liquid waste is to be deposited or caused to be deposited on the ground or in any drains, or other public land/space.

Liquor Licensing
All Stallholders who wish to offer wine tasting at the Market are also required to obtain a Limited Liquor License from Victorian Liquor Licensing by phoning 03 9655 3366 or via the website

Stallholders are required to provide a copy of their current Limited Liquor License to the Market Manager at least five (5) working days prior to the Market. The Department of Justice may require the application at least 28 days prior to the Market date.

Mulgrave Farmers Market will be regularly audited by local councils Environmental Departmetns to ensure Stallholders comply

It is the stallholders obligation to ensure that all Council and Government guidelines and health regulations are met, that all appropriate licenses are obtained, that the setup of the stall meets all Council, health and safety requirements and that these obligations are met at all times and are adhered to.

All stallholders who wish to sell edible products at the Market are required to obtain  Appropriate permits must be obtained from Streatrader – the website address is:

Stallholders are required to provide a copy of their Streatrader Registration to the Market Manager five (5) working days prior to the Market. Stallholders who do not adhere to this requirement will not be permitted to participate.

Mulgrave Farmers Market events will be regularly audited by the local councils Environmental Departments to ensure Stallholders comply.

Stalls which hand out samples of food/taste testing must ensure that they comply with Council and health regulations and that all required licences are in place.
The liability to comply with all laws falls on the stallholder.  Market Management assumes no liability if stallholders do not comply with their legal obligations.

Packaged goods and the sale of whole produce/fruit & vegetables must be labelled as per legislative guidelines and requirements.

Handmade / Home Grown Markets
All products offered for sale must be made and sold by the stallholder.

Other Markets
 Products that are clearly imported or purchased from a wholesaler or are deemed inappropriate (eg: discriminatory or offensive) by Management will not be considered.
 It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure they conform to any safety and compliance standards pertaining to their product.
 A stallholder may only offer for sale approved products which have been accepted by Management on the application form submitted by the stallholder.
To add new products, a request in writing is required with photos. Products can not be added to stall unless written approval is given by Management.
All products and stall presentation must be of a high standard
It is not acceptable for stallholders to directly copy other stallholders items and then sell them at our markets where that stallholder is also attending. 

All produce sellers are asked to assess their products and to ensure that quality goods are sold.  In the best interest of our market do not sell poor quality produce.  As a seller/stallholder your goods must comply with Market Management criteria and set standards.  Stallholders in breach of this will be dealt with accordingly.

Stallholders may set prices as they see appropriate. 

Scales and/or any instruments used for measurement of goods sold on a mass basis must be certified as being appropriate for commercial use in accordance with legislative guidelines.

Stallholder to supply own equipment and to ensure that they have everything required to operate - gazebo/s, weights/sandbags, table/s, chairs etc
Marquee must be of a high standard and to Australian Engineering recommendations.  These must be able to withstand high wind levels.   Light weight gazebos from Bunnings / Aldi are not recommended.  Gazebos that are not deemed suitable will be required to be taken down. 

Please ensure that your site is well presented, tidy and safe at all times.  Tablecloths are to be used and signage promoting your stall and/or products is highly recommended.  Signs erected must not impede pedestrian flows, must not display any offensive material and must be clean and presentable.
Full length tablecloths are required.

Security of a stallholders stock, produce, equipment, cash and personal effects is the responsibility of the stallholder.

Stallholders are expected to act in a professional manner at all times.  Market Management will not tolerate any offensive comments, unwarranted gossip or bad behaviour.


McDang Partners trading as Mulgrave Farmers Market owns all intellectual property, including all layouts, literary and artistic works, documentation, plans, drawings, specifications, sketches, reports, and graphics herein.

All information and correspondence to stallholders is commercially confidential and by submitting applications to Mulgrave Farmers Market you have agreed to keep all correspondence confidential and not imparted to third parties.  Parties found to be sharing our information will be asked not to trade with Mulgrave Farmers Market.

Market Public Liability does not cover stallholders and/or their products. It is the responsibility of all stallholders to ensure that that they are insured for Public Liability, Personal Indemnity and Product Liability (where applicable) as required by law, that their stall area remains clean and safe to the public at all times and to ensure that their product meets statutory health requirements and in no way poses any health risks to the consumer. 

All stallholder must submit a current certificate of currency to a minimum value of $20,000,000 (5) days prior to any market event.  No stallholder will be allowed to set up without this requirement.

Irrespective of weather conditions, gazebos must be weighted down with heavy sandbags or with appropriate and secure weights at all times.  ALL vendors are required to have a minimum of 20kg per leg.  Where it is possible heavy duty tent pegs can be used. Note: This is an insurance requirement and is mandatory.  Umbrellas must also be safely secured with a heavy base and tied to your gazebo where possible.  There are absolutely no exceptions.

Not all of our market locations will have electricity available.   Some of our indoor locations will have electricity however this will be limited and market stallholders should prepare for no electricity.

Request for electricity usage must be applied for and is subject to approval and availability.  Limits to the number of power points allocated and amperage available applies.  Stallholders are to ensure that all power leads and/or electrical appliances used are safe and that they comply with Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) requirements and are tagged and tested in accordance with statutory guidelines.  Credits/refunds will not be given for any electrical supply issues. 

It is the stallholder’s responsibility to ensure that Market Management has current details on file - that contact numbers are current: mobile, landline, email etc.

Due to government health regulations, smoking is not permitted in stalls or within the market area.  If you are a smoker, do so in the designated areas - see Market Management.

Some markets are pet friendly.  Dogs must be kept within your stall area. 

Stallholders do not own their sites, obtain no rights to their sites, cannot transfer or sell their sites or otherwise deal with their sites.  Market sites/stalls are hired strictly on a weekly basis.  Market Management reserves the right to cancel, alter or re-allocate sites to other stallholders.

No stallholder is guaranteed exclusivity for their product.

Market Management reserves the right to use stallholder images and/or photos which may contain images of the stallholder and/or their produce for promotional purposes.

All ‘found’ items are to be handed in to Market Management.  Stallholders are to place members of the public who have ‘lost items’ in touch with Market Management.

Market Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person and/or trader or to refuse the sale of any item and/or product.   Market Management, its operator/s, servants, agents and/or assignees shall not be liable for the loss or damage to any vehicle, anything therein, or to any person from whatever cause arising and whether due to the negligence of the Market operator its servants and/or agents or otherwise