Canopy Outdoors Partner

Here at Mulgrave Farmers Market, we pride ourselves on Health and Safety. It is a requirement at our market for outdoor stallholders to have the correct weights (minimum 20kg per leg) and marquees. If you are in need of a marquee for more than the occasional family barbeque, then Canopy Outdoors will have the solution. They offer a variety of marquee sizes ranging from 2.4m x 2.4m to 4m x 8m, plain or printed and varying frame strengths. The team at Canopy Outdoors are very informed and will be able to guide your choice based on needs.

A quality marquee is a worthwhile investment for any stallholder. It ensures you can focus on the task at hand, while not having to worry about your marquee flying due to a sudden unpredictable gust.

Canopy outdoors offer great ergonomic and long lasting cast iron weights at 7.5kg making them easy to handle and compact for transporting.

For these reasons, Mulgrave Farmers Market has partnered with Canopy Outdoors. They are a Melbourne based business, with the expertise to ensure you select the best marquee for your needs.

Visit the Canopy Outdoors website to view their range of marquees and weights!

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