Mulgrave Farmers Market

Since 2009 the Mulgrave Farmers Market has operated every Sunday 8.00am – 1.00pm providing the City of Monash with Melbourne’s freshest seasonal produce!

These days, it’s rare to find a project designed to deliberately slow things down. ‘Going global’ comes before staying local; commerce comes before community; and before you know it you’re into the rush and grumble of a supermarket fast-lane wondering how it all got so impersonal. The Mulgrave Farmers Market changes all this by putting you back in touch with the producers.

Not only does this market bring farm-fresh produce to your backyard, but also acts as a vibrant social hub. We welcome community participation in the market. 

The market offers producers the opportunity to sell directly to their customers. Every Sunday – rain, hail or shine – the market will bring together primary producers from all over the region. You‘ll hardly have to step foot in a supermarket again.

The market offers a fun and vibrant community hub with a kiddie’s area, music, community events and bagfuls of bonhomie.  So bring your kids, coax your neighbours, soak in the village atmosphere and enjoy a day at Mulgrave.

We invite anybody who wants to be a stallholder or participant at this exciting market, which, unlike many other farmers market in Melbourne, will be held every week, to register via our online registration form. So whether you grow vegies, keep chooks, bake pies, sell plants or play a flamin‘ tambourine, get in touch. See if you fit the criteria at Become a Stallholder.

Our 4th Sunday market is a mixed market with a range of wonderful stallholders bringing a variety of goods and services. 

As well as supporting local community groups and independent traders, Mulgrave Farmers’ Market provides education on environmental initiatives and social issues.

All entry fee proceeds go to the Mulgrave Primary School.  This is vitally important for the support of in need students and families.