Randall Organic Rice

Randall Organic Rice is grown on the family farm of Peter and Jenny Randall at Murrami, which is located between Leeton and Griffith in the Murrumbidgee Valley in southern NSW.

They are third generation rice farmers who have farmed organically for than twenty years and are certified with NASAA.

They use no pesticides or artificial fertilisers but instead use long crop rotations, sheep grazing and legumes to promote fertility.

They also use probiotics to increase soil health and enhance the quality of their rice. The probiotics are made using ancient Japanese techniques combining beneficial bacteria and fungi to produce a type of soil yogurt which is applied to their whole farm. Because of this treatment they use no tillage to grow their rice and have a smaller carbon footprint. This is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable ways to grow gravity fed rice.

Peter and Jenny‘s aim is to provide eco-friendly, nutritious and tasty rice for everyone to enjoy whilst caring for the environment.

Varieties available

The Randalls grow doongara, a low GI rice loved by diabetics and athletes, Koshihikari a Japanese style rice which is suitable for sushi, risotto and rice puddings and as an accompaniment for stews, stir fries and curries; Jasmine a fragrant, long grain Thai style rice which is suitable for Asian cooking as well as long grain rice, suitable for fried rice, rice salads, paella, in soups and as an accompaniment to stews, curries and stirfries.

All varieties are available in white and brown .Koshihikari is also available in semi-brown. Semi-brown is gently milled to take off some off the bran to shorten the cooking time while keeping a lot of the goodness and flavour.

Cooking hints

White and semi-brown rice takes 12-14 minutes to cook.
The brown rice cooks in approximately 25 minutes.
We recommend rinsing in cold water before cooking .
Soaking in cold water a few hours before cooking can also be beneficial if time allows.

Randalls Organic Rice is available from Mulgrave Farmers Market, 1st Sunday of the month.

For more information visit their facebook page to see photos of their farm and to see the rice growing.


Randall Organic Rice next at the market Sunday 20 May 2018

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