Kardella Garlic

Simple, old fashioned and proven farming techniques are used by the team at Kardella Garlic on their family‘s farm.
Our aim is to provide you, your family and friends with the best tasting garlic that provides both the greatest culinary enjoyment and health giving properties.
On a picturesque hillside in Kardella - South Gippsland (90 mins from Melbourne) your garlic grows in rich soil exposed to the wind, sun and the great local rain.
The garlic is planted by hand, then weeded by hand throughout the season, harvested and then hung up and cured for at least a month before the cleaning begins - you guessed it by hand.
We start with the largest sized bulb, from the healthiest seed stock we have grown from the year before and put it in the best position we have been able to find on the property, plant it, and then look after it. It is really that simple.
Victorian grown garlic is only available for a short season but stores very well.
2014 season they have had a bumper crop: nice large heads of garlic that keep extremely well for months. Plaits will be available as well as loose garlic fists.
Varieties include white (not overpowering and perfect for dips), purple (larger cloves, good flavour, perfect for roasting), ramcaombole (a sweet garlic with no aftertaste), spanish (golfball sized, pepper and chilli taste). ENJOY!
Eat and enjoy,
Felicity, Ron, Dane and Matthew
Kardella Garlic


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