Chocrenmar - Chocolaterie

Martin & Rene live on a 15 acre rural property on the banks of Lake Eildon, with The Paps in front of us and Mount Buller on the other side. Whichever way you look, there is something that catches your eye.

Eric, our resident Echidna.

Eric, our resident Echidna.

Mansfield has stunning scenery: beautiful mountains, breathtaking sunrises over the lake and entertaining wildlife.Life is full of little pleasures living on a rural property.

It is this lifestyle that created their passion for chocolate. With a love enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of good coffee with some good couverture chocolate while watching the sun set. This led to many a decision on the quality, taste, texture and “satisfying feeling” of the chocolate. This is how René ended up going for a beginner’s class to Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School in Melbourne. Working with chocolate opened a completely new world – it stimulates the senses and time stands still. She was totally hooked and could not wait to try out her newly acquired skills.

Using couverture Belgian chocolate, René started experimenting, trying to create chocolates that tasted as good as they looked. Our friends and family loved trying our various creations. What started out as a hobby, soon became an obsession and after more training at Savour School, it grew into a business idea. So in 2016, we started Chocolaterie RenMar.

They both still have many “chocolate discussions” over a glass of wine next to the fire or sitting outside watching the sun set!! New ideas are born…..

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