Baked Root Vegetable Chips

Baked Root Vegetable Chips is a great winter warmer and just so easy.

The trick to perfect chips is to have a a mandoline slicer and keep an eye on the baking.

2 cups root vegetables, scrubbed (I used red beets, yellow beets, chioga beets, purple carrot, black radish, turnip, jewel sweet potatoes, and garnet yams).
2 tsp olive oil
pinch of salt

Rearrange two oven racks so one is on the top rung and the other is on the bottom rung of your oven. Preheat oven to 350°.

Scrub root vegetables (leave peel) and carefully slice to 1/16 inch thick using a mandolin. In a large bowl, toss root vegetables with olive oil and a dash of salt.

Spread root vegetables in a single layer onto two rimmed baking sheets, being sure none overlap.

Cover baking sheets with either tin foil or another rimmed baking sheet if you have extra baking sheets. Bake about 20 minutes to allow vegetables to dry out. Uncover and bake a further 10 minutes. Check chips and remove any that look lighter and dryer than the rest-transfer to a wire rack to cool. Continue to bake any chips that are not done, checking every couple of minutes and removing as they become done.

As chips cool on the rack they will begin to crisp further. If you notice any failing to crisp on the wire rack, toss them back in the oven for a few minutes to dry a little more before returning to the wire rack.