Christmas menu planning

Whether you like traditional or Aussie, there‘s so many choices available to in selecting a menu for Christmas.

Over the next few weeks I‘m going to help you with some great menu ideas (using Taste) to help make it simple:

The Old Fashioned:

Turkey, ham, roast pork, plum pudding and mince pies. A traditional Christmas never goes out of style.

Menu for 12

Chilled mulled wine
Prawn & avocado salad

Maple syrup & mustard glazed ham (try SMOKEHOUSE Hams)
GYPSY PIG Roast pork with spiced apple gravy
Mixed greens with almonds & tarragon butter
PINDARI Roast chicken with sage & walnut stuffing with gravy
Glazed roast pumpkin & carrots
Roasted hasselback potatoes

Traditional steamed plum pudding
Brandy creme anglaise
Mixed minced pies

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