Spit Roast lamb chops with garlic & rosemary

Here‘s a recipe you must try using chump lamb chops on a spit roast.


- Lamb chump chops (allow about 3 per person)
- Garlic cut into thin slices
- Fresh rosemary stalks
- Salt


Layer the chops on the spit with a few pieces of garlic and a sprig of rosemary between each one.

Pack them together tightly and then sprinkle the outside with salt.

Prepare the charcoal fire so that there are no coals below the spit.

Lumpwood charcoal starts off really hot and then reduces in temperature gradually, which is ideal for this type of cooking.

Use about 2.5 kg of charcoal, and cook chops for just over an hour.

Once the spit is removed, there was no carving needed, and makes five decent servings.

The flavours will be intense and the sweet crispy bits on the outside a real delight. Serve with mixed roasted vegetables and cous cous.

Recipe courtesy firefoodie.