With Christmas only 8 weeks away - it‘s time to start thinking about what‘s on the menu. Try this fab chilli twist to a traditional tiramisu - from chef Chris from Chill‘inn (here 1st and 3rd week).

You will need:

110g seven deadly sins (chilli chocolate spread)
50g butter (unslated)
2 pinches rock slat
175 gm sponge biscuits
400ml strong sweetened coffee (expresso)
Kahlua (optional)
4 large free range eggs
100g caster sugar
750g mascarpone

For garnish - 50g grated chocolate , 12 grounded coffee beans.


Place 7DS in a stainless steel bowl over a saucepan of water add butter, salt & Kahlua.
In a large deep bowl (30cm round & 10cm deep), layer your sponge fingers.
Carefully pour over hot coffee then 7DS mix ensuring all are soaked.
Put aside to cool.
Next seaprate your egg into 2 bowls.
Whip your egg whites with a pinch of salt until they‘re stiff and form peaks.
Whisk yolks with sugar until sugar is disolved (and is a pale white colour).
Gently fold in mascarpone and with large spoon, add egg whites slowly.
Spoon over your 7DS layer & smooth over.
Garnish with chocolate & ground cofee.
Place in fridge for min. 2 hours.