Meditation with Vicky

Calm your mind, Calm your life
Phone: 0419335598
Categories: Wellbeing

Vicky has extensive experience in change from a personal and professional perspective.

Over the last 28 years Vicky has balanced roles in the corporate space as a project and marketing professional by day and by night - a practitioner of alternative modalities.

Recently she was certified as one of Dr Joe Dispenzas global trainers facilitating "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" within corporate and wellness sectors. Vicky has decided to embark on her passion on a permanent basis and teaching meditation is at the forefront of what she aspires to do. Vicky has found that practicing meditation allows you to identify, sustain and maintain change so you can create a well balanced life.

In a casual and supportive environment, Vicky aims to provide you with the tools and techniques to create a well-balanced and calm lifestyle by using meditation. She looks forward to being part of your journey.

Enjoy weekly classes with Vicky, Blue Sky Room, 10.45am.

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