Stallholder Schedule

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Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Cosi and Lisa from Mildura
Doron Talmi Grafting Serv Pty Ltd
The Fruits of Life
Delgrossos Apples & Cherries
Myrtle Grove Produce
Benny‘s Berries
GE & J Fruit - Apples
Folly Farm Blueberry
Gippsland Mushrooms
Linda Hydroponic Produce
Melbourne Pine Mushrooms
Kiwiberries Australia

Organic Produce

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Sultana Girl
Kardella Garlic
Coolibah Herbs
Randall Organic Rice
Mc Donalds Track Organics

Meat, Poultry and Fish

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Gippsland Free Range Eggs
Otway Prime
Lockton Farm Gourmet
Yappyanya Chickens
Coltish Pork

Artisan Breads & Bagels

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Daddios Produce
2 Castles Bakery

Smallgoods, Olives, Pasta & Cheese

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Nicolas Olive Estate
Blue Bay Cheese
Natural Pasta House
Glencoe Farms
Tarago Olives
The Best lil‘ Smokehouse in Oz
Take & Eat Tempeh
La Villa Salumi

Nuts & Seeds, Pulses & Honey

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
3 Bees
Alpine Walnuts
Di Scala Chestnuts

Pastries, Cakes & Chocolates

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Flavour Station
ANG Continental Biscuits
MB Patisserie
Green Whisk
Dulce Honey Bread
Delice Royale
Becs Little Cake Place

Condiment Cupboard

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Wise Foundation Co-Op - features Darryl‘s Peanut Butter, Randall Organic Rice & Kiddies Food Kutters
SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce
Tamarind Tree Gourmet Sauces
Poppysmack Sauces
Tamarind Tree Gourmet Sauces

Food to Go

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Swig Coffee
Yummy Gozleme
Chris‘s BBQ
The Ice Cream Wagon
Falafel Hut
Deelicious Dishes
Cookies from the Cookie Jar
The Honey Puff Chicks
Vusion Eatery Vietnamese
Some Little Wog‘s Pizza
Spicy Flavours
Dancing Calamari
Coffee Rider and Co.
Pedro Point


StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Grand Ridge Brewery
Street Organics
Bald Rock Winery


StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Scentational Handmade Soaps
The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Co.
Warbotanicals Natural Body Products
Wellington Family Chiropractic

Plants, Flowers and Herbs

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Peace Farm


StallholderApr 22Apr 29
AM Fun Events
Fairy Heather Face Painting
Puja Music Man
Facepainting with Georgia

Wellness Workshops

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Meditation with Vicky
Yoga with Nadira

Pet Supplies

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
BM Pet Snax

Special Guest Makers

StallholderApr 22Apr 29
Earth 5 Leatherware
Annii Candles
A1 Sharp