Become a Stallholder

Whoever grows it sells it; whoever makes it sells it.

That‘s the simple criteria of Melbourne‘s first weekly farmers market. If you fit the bill, complete the online form as soon as you can.

Online Application Form


  • For the market to be as fun, interesting and practical as possible, we want to ensure a vibrant mix focusing on growers, local cottage industries, community-based stalls and sustainable practices. We aim to have no more than two specialised producers of any particular good.
  • Whoever grows it sells it; whoever makes it sells it! This can include full-time employees of the primary producers. Re-sellers are not permitted, unless from a pre-approved by management. Priority will be given to value added stallholders who source fresh ingredients from local farmers and other stallholders.
  • Produce needs to be GM-free, farm fresh, free-range and fair trade.
  • The more that is organic and grass-fed the better, but it will need to be backed up by accredited certification.
  • We encourage you to sell loose and in bulk wherever possible.
  • We all love the environment, so let’s cut packaging and nasty non-recyclables wherever and whenever we can.
  • Please don’t supply plastic bags or bio-bags to customers. Everyone will be encouraged to bring their own (and, if they don‘t, they‘ll remember next time).
  • If you bring it in, please take it out. Bins are provided for public use only.
  • Prices need to be on clear display.
  • Don’t worry if you are new to the market scene and don’t have your own stall. We have plenty available for hire.
  • You will need to bring your own trestle tables and advertising materials. 
  • Sites are allocated to allow for a 3m x 3m stall, but if you need more room we can find a spot for you.
  • We will keep an eye on stall conditions and work with you to make sure your stall is just ‘perfect’.
  • We will endeavour to reward the most regular stallholders with preferential site location and will work with you to find the ideal spot. 
  • Community interaction is a major part of any market so please be prepared to provide information for eaters such as ingredients and growing methods, recipes and contact details.
  • All stallholders need current public liability insurance and suitable food premises registration with the council. We’re happy to help clarify these requirements if you need.
  • Stall fees should be paid prior to your first visit, and one market in advance after that.
  • Register early; sites will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The market will continue whatever the weather conditions, through winter and summer. We’re lucky to have such a great all-weather site.
  • The market mix in any given week is entirely up to the discretion of the market manager, and we reserve the right to refuse admittance to any trader who fails to meet our expectations.
  • Please contact us as soon as possible with any information regarding changes such as new contact details, new products, non-attendance etc.

Market Days Procedure:

Opening hours

  • Gates open for stallholders at 6.00am. Entry is via Jacksons Rd, Mulgrave. On entry a traffic attendant will notify you of your site number and direct you where to take your vehicle. We ask that all stallholders arrive by no later than 7.00am. We will attempt to open gates for the public at 7.30am.
  • We would ask stallholders to refrain from packing up until close time of 1.00pm for the safety of all those on the premises.

Market Staff

  • Please direct all enquiries to market staff that will be identifiable via an Orange T-shirt and Vest. 

Future Events

  • To ensure we keep the market exciting to use on a weekly basis, we will endeavour to hold regular events and themes.


  • We ask all stallholders to sign a market declaration that is based off the follow guidelines:
  1. Support producers who grow and/or produce the product they are selling
  2. The stall is staffed by a least one family member or person/s with direct knowledge of the production process
  3. Priority is given to producers from the local area (or from further afield if not in direct competition with a local vendor).
  4. All stallholders agree to comply with the principals of the Mulgrave Farmers Market and support the initiatives of the Wise Foundation.

Registering with Streatrader

  • Streatrader - is a new online registration system for temporary and mobile food premises.
  • Owners of temporary and mobile food businesses like stalls and vans can now notify or register online with just one council via a new website called Streatrader.
  • The website has been developed by the Department of Health and MAV. It reflects changes to the Food Act 1984 that came into effect last year to streamline regulation for temporary and mobile food businesses, and community groups that sell food.
  • Streatrader allows businesses and community groups that sell food from stalls and vans to make a registration application, lodge a notification or Statement of Trade, manage information and pay fees online to their principal council. This can be done anytime day or night with no need to go to the council office. Once your application has been accepted by your principal council, you can trade anywhere in Victoria.
  • Visit
  • For further information email or call 1300 085 767.
  • Or you can the Monash City Council Environmental Health Officer on 03 9518 3624 with all enquiries relating to food permits in Monash.

Final Say

Please note management reserves the right to refuse admission to the Market to any person/s at our discression.

We reserve the right to stop your trading at any time for any circumstance that we deem appropriate with no right of appeal or right for compensation.

We reserve the right to update our terms of trade at anytime, without notice.


Site Rental: 3m x 3m – $75, as at June 30, 2017.

Gazebo & table Hire: 3m x 3m – $20

Power : – $5

All fees include GST. Payment must be made in advance. If paying cash, this should be paid one week in advance. EFT payments are welcome.

No refunds will be given for bad weather. Notice of non-attendance must be given 48 hours prior to market day, otherwise the stallholder fee will be forfeited. Stall fees are payable on registration for next market day.